The terms “supernatural” and “preternatural” are often used in discussions related to magick, spirituality, and the occult. While some may use these terms interchangeably, there are important distinctions to be made. The supernatural typically refers to phenomena that are beyond the scope of natural laws and scientific explanation. Some people may have a dislike for this concept, as it implies a separation between the natural world and some form of higher realm or mystical plane.

In contrast, the preternatural involves phenomena that may not be easily explained by science or the laws of nature, but which are still grounded in the natural world. It can be seen as a bridge between the natural and the supernatural, acknowledging the existence of mysterious or inexplicable phenomena while still retaining a connection to the natural realm.

When it comes to magick and the divine, some may view them as supernatural forces that exist beyond the realm of the physical world. However, others see them as integral aspects of the natural world that can be harnessed and directed to create change. From this perspective, all actions involving magick or the divine are subject to the laws of physics and the workings of the mind and spirit.

Therefore, it can be said that magick and the divine are not transcendent, but rather immanent within the world. The effects of these practices and beliefs may not always be easily measurable or explained by science, but they are not outside the realm of the physical, mental, or spiritual. As such, they offer a unique perspective on the nature of reality and the potential for us to interact with it in meaningful ways.

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