In my earlier years, I held a belief in chakras or energy centers and had a spiritual understanding of the world that was much different than it is now. I viewed the spiritual aspect of the world as a form of energy that was present within the world. However, over time, my understanding of the spiritual aspect of the world has evolved and changed. My current understanding of the world does not have spiritual energy as much as the spiritual aspect being the metaphysical relationship between two constructs or entities within the world, and how intense that relationship is. Kna, which was born from spiritual energy, now reflects my current understanding of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being in existence and how that being interacts with other aspects of existence.

As my understanding of spiritual energy evolved, I no longer had use for the understanding of energy centers, as kna was not stored within the body as much as it was the aspects of that body on all of its levels. It is interesting to note that my understanding developed in this way when I originally began to practice the occult and esotericism, which included practices of energy manipulation, energy work, and psionics. While my understanding of spiritual energy has changed, I still consider myself and viadescioism to be animatic, as kna is still connected to the understanding of what people call “mana”.

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