Viadescioism is a spiritual path that shares many similarities with modern neo-paganism, as it has evolved from and been influenced by pagan practices. At its core, Viadescioism is a nature-centered spirituality that places a strong emphasis on the natural world and the role of the divine and our individualistic interaction with it. Both Viadescioism and neo-paganism are polytheistic and pantheistic, recognizing the existence of multiple gods and seeing the divine in all things.

While Viadescioism shares many characteristics with pagan religions, it is not a revival or reconstruction of pre-Christian or pre-modern pagan beliefs and practices. This distinction is important to note, as it is generally considered necessary for a religion to have some connection to earlier cultural or spiritual traditions in order to be considered a form of paganism. While Viadescioism does draw inspiration from pagan beliefs and practices, it is a distinct spiritual path with its own unique characteristics and beliefs.

Viadescioism has many similarities with neo-paganism and shares some of its roots, it is not a pagan religion in the strictest sense. It is a nature-centered spiritual path that is polytheistic and pantheistic, but is not a revival or reconstruction of pre-modern pagan beliefs and practices.

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