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Category: Viadescioic Sigil Magick

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Viadescioic Sigil Magick: Mind sigils

The mind is connected to the element of air and is a very practical place to release sigils from. Sigils can be activated from the mind by focusing and envisioning the sigil in your mindscape for a period of time then visualize it being released outward. This can be useful so that you will be able to use sigils even […]

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Viadescioic Sigil Magick: Ways To Activate A Sigil

Once you have gone through the process of charging your sigil with spiritual kna, and have firmly implanted it in your subconscious mind, you can then activate it. This will send that kna out into the universe to manifest, and will tell the imprint in your mind to begin working by psychologically pulling you towards your desire, while communicating with […]

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Viadescioic Sigil Magick: How to charge a sigil

Once you have your sigil representation made you can go through the process of charging it. The charging process goes through the act of giving the sigil the kna it needs in order to work. This kna will be a combination of spiritual kna, and the imprint of it in your mind, and in the minds of others. All of […]