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Libratumilera: Ibura, the skaqa of healing:

Ibura is a skaqa that the wolf of antimony created to help heal an individual referred to as Metta. Ibura could not recover Metta, but the wolf of antimony gave […]

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Viadescioic Wolf Magick: Wolf Sounds

There are four primary vocalizations that wolves make, and these are known as barking, whimpering, growling, and howling. These sounds are able to be used in wolf magick in order to facilitate certain kna, and in order to perform specific tasks. Wolves also combined sounds to make combinations much like howl-barking which could also be used in wolf magick in […]

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Viadescioism: Ancestor Work

There are a couple of types of ancestors that have the potential to be worked with and honored. These different types of ancestors have other connections to you and can help you out in various ways. From these practices, you understand that your ancestors are still with you in some form and can still help impact your life. You will […]

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Viadescioism: Types of cursing

A curse is a magick spell, or ritual with the intention to harm by sending some form of negative kna to a construct, or entity. Curses have been known to cause so many different forms of harm, all depending upon the intentions of the person who places it, or the event that the curse comes from. There are three different […]

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Viadescioism: Masturbation Magick

Obviously, this is going to be a very “not safe for work” type of subject, so viewer discretion is advised. Masturbation can be a powerful tool in the ways of magick, and this action allows you to harness your sexual kna to send your will into the universe. This is sometimes referred to as solo sex magick, masturbation magick, or […]

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Viadescioism: Crystals, and Stones For Cursing

A lot of the time, you see crystal references that refer to favorable metaphysical properties of the stones, but in this list, we are going to be looking at more negatively associated properties that could be used in your magickal working. These properties are brought out from the stones primarily when used in situations that use their kna in excess […]

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Viadescioism: Viadescioic Determinism

Viadescioism has the understanding of hard determinism, especially causal determinism, and Logical determinism. It has the understanding that free will does not exist as a metaphysical construct, and that everything is determined based on earlier causes which will determine particular outcomes based on factors that have preceded it. Choice, and action is determined by multiple factors, and no choice can […]

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Viadescioism: Natural, Associated, and Spiritual properties:

Three things primarily make up the metaphysical properties of any construct or entity. These are the natural, associative, and spiritual properties of any particular being, which make up the metaphysical properties of that being. From these three understandings of subsets of properties, we understand more about the construct or entity in question. We can also bring forth the understandings of […]

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Viadescioic Existentialism:

Viadescioism has the understanding and practices of existentialism, allowing the individual to search for their own subjective meaning. Life and being are most likely inherently meaningless, though they can be given meaning by yourself and others who perceive you. The inherent meaninglessness of the universe can be accepted and understood so that an individual can work with it and move […]

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Viadescioism: How To Undo A Spell

Sometimes after you cast a spell, you will wish to undo it because you do not want it to manifest into the world. Knowing how to undo spells can help you stop your and other people’s magick from taking shape in many situations. To use this information, you will need to know the fundamentals of creating your spells and rituals […]

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Viadescioic Wolf Magick: Four Wolves

There are four main types of wolves in wolf magick: the black wolf, the white wolf, the gray wolf, and the brown wolf. These four wolves have different metaphysical properties that can help with your magical practice if you take the time to invoke them in specific situations. The kna of these four wolves will come to you and will […]

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Viadescioic Sigil Magick: Ways To Activate A Sigil

Once you have gone through the process of charging your sigil with spiritual kna, and have firmly implanted it in your subconscious mind, you can then activate it. This will send that kna out into the universe to manifest, and will tell the imprint in your mind to begin working by psychologically pulling you towards your desire, while communicating with […]

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Viadescioic Sigil Magick: How to charge a sigil

Once you have your sigil representation made you can go through the process of charging it. The charging process goes through the act of giving the sigil the kna it needs in order to work. This kna will be a combination of spiritual kna, and the imprint of it in your mind, and in the minds of others. All of […]

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Viadescioic Meditation: Void Meditation

Void meditation is a basic meditation with a lot to offer. Void meditation is the meditation where you calm your mind, and think of absolutely nothing. Though it sounds simple in nature it is actually quite complex. People spend years trying to quiet their minds to the perfect level, While teaching themselves willpower, control, focus, and intent. Sometimes there is […]

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Viadescioic Meditation: Focal Meditation

All meditation teaches willpower, control, focus, and intent, but focal meditation can give insight into objects, people, ideas, and situations. Focal meditation will pick one thing to focus on for the whole meditation. Sitting and focusing on one subject for an extended period can bring you closer to it and can let you experience that thing in a new way. […]

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My First Post

On this blog, I will be posting things that have to do with spirituality, occultism, esotericism, and mysticism among other things. I will be using this post to keep track of different practices, methods, and exercises I have learned throughout my journey on this path. I will usually post when I find information, or I am very focused on a […]