Welcome to my blog, a place of learning and inquiry, where the subjects of occultism and philosophy are explored through the lens of viadescioism. Please feel free to enjoy my posts and to reach out with any thoughts or questions. Your input is valued and appreciated.

Remember that my practices and experiences are my own, shaped by my adherence to viadescioism. Though they may differ from those of others, they are no less valid or meaningful.

What is Viadescioism:

Viadescioism is a religion, practice, and philosophy that is based on certain core principles and understandings. These principles include the ten divines, the ten virtues, and the concept of individual divinity. The term “viadescioism” come from a combination of Latin and Esperanto words, including “via,” meaning road, way, highway, or path; “de,” meaning “of” or “from”; and “scio,” meaning knowledge. The suffix “-ism” is added to the end of the term, implying a practice, system, or doctrine. Taken together, the word “viadescioism” is intended to mean “the way of knowledge.” The word is pronounced “vÄ«-ah-de-shi-oh-ism.”

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