In Viadescioism, it is understood that there are no inherently malevolent entities in existence, but rather, some individuals or specific kna may not interact well with another individual, which could be detrimental to them. The understanding is that everything is a relationship, and all things have the potential to attract or repel. There are instances where certain things come together quite nicely, while others push each other apart. These things can manifest as physical, mental, or spiritual elements and are a natural part of the world, existing in the same way as nature. Some things that are often seen as negative may include physical items such as weapons or individuals who express vices. Mentally, past experiences that still haunt an individual or perceived threats and fears could be seen as negative elements. Spiritually, it could be connections that are not advantageous for an individual, which are attracting or pushing them away. It is important to understand that these negative elements are not inherently evil or malevolent, but rather, they are part of the natural ebb and flow of the world.

It is understood that the negative aspect of entities or constructs is also a divine quality and can be harnessed to cause harm or bring relief. Negative aspects, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, are seen as an integral part of the entity or construct, and by acknowledging this, one can gain a deeper understanding and control over it. In other words, everything has a shadow side, and by working with that shadow, one can gain a better understanding of the entity or construct and possibly utilize its negative aspects for a specific purpose.

This concept of working with negative aspects is not only applicable to entities or constructs, but can also be extended to situations and experiences in life. The negative aspects of past experiences or perceived threats and fears can be worked with to overcome them or to gain insights and growth from them. By acknowledging the negative aspects, one can work towards releasing their hold and finding relief.

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