The emphasis is placed on attaining a state of harmony within oneself, rather than avoiding punishment for perceived wrongdoings. Unlike some other belief systems, such as Christianity, viadescioism does not have a concept of divine justice or a moral code that one must abide by to avoid punishment. Instead, the focus is on finding inner balance and peace by aligning with the principles of harmony. This approach is thought to bring one closer to their true self and to promote personal growth and well-being. The goal of the viadescioic philosophy is to help individuals live in a way that is authentic and fulfilling, rather than driven by fear of retribution for misdeeds.Trespasses are not considered to be sins as they are in Christianity. This is because there is no concept of divine justice, or objective moral law in viadescioism that one must abide by in order to avoid committing trespasses. Rather, trespasses are seen as actions that lead to vices, and take one further away from their inner divinity, and the path of harmony. In viadescioism, the focus is on aligning oneself with the way of harmony, rather than avoiding divine punishment for committing sins.

Rather than being forgiven for their trespasses, individuals are encouraged to counterbalance them with acts of virtue. This approach emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and growth, rather than relying on an external entity, such as a deity, to absolve one’s wrongdoings. By counterbalancing their trespasses with virtuous acts, individuals can work towards restoring harmony within themselves and improving their overall state of being. This approach is believed to lead to greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of one’s own motivations and actions, which can help to prevent future trespasses and promote personal growth.

Being out of harmony with oneself is seen as a negative state that hinders personal growth and well-being. When one is out of harmony, they are not striving towards the best version of themselves, but instead are heading farther away from their true self. In viadescioism is that by aligning oneself with the way of harmony, one can improve their life and reach their full potential as an individual.

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